My results speak for me.  I have never hired anyone to endorse me. 

If you would like to see my recent results in your town, email me and I will send them to you.

Or, you may do a foil request to any municipality and get the results of any company that has worked there.

I am certain that you, like I have received mailings promising that various companies can save you thousands of dollars.  Many of these companies are pulling numbers out of the air.  Each property needs to be looked at, and unless a home has been recently purchased, or is on the market, without a recent appraisal, it is difficult to say how much money can be saved, if any.

I have focused my work in very few towns, but when I get referrals I will work, and have worked successfully in other towns.  I'm a one person company so I only solicit in a few places where I am very well known.   But I'm happy to represent you if you are outside of those municipalities.

Many companies don't charge for an appraisal.  Unless you have an appraisal within 6 months of  your municipalities Valuation Date, or you have recently purchased your home, and haven't done major renovations, or your house has been on the market for several months and is listed with a broker, I require that you get an appraisal, and that you use my appraiser.  His fee includes updates for negotiating with your assessor, as well as an appearance as an expert witness in court if I need him to be there.  I have had stellar results: my success rate is over 99.7%.  But any representative is only as good as her appraiser.