Dale Joan Young

My husband is a builder and in 1990 we had three houses on the market in Scarsdale.  I knew that properties were supposed to be assessed based upon their market values. I did an analysis of the relationship between the value of our properties versus the taxes we were paying on them. I noticed that our least expensive home was taxed at a higher percentage of its value than all the other homes.

I decided to call my assessor to see what could be done about our situation.  But first, I bought and read through everything that pertained to challenging assessments in the entire three volumes of “Real Property Tax Law”.

The assessor was less than forthright.  After arguing with me that my assessment was fair — it reflected a value of over $360,000 for a home that was on the market for over a year and hadn't received any offers over $300,000 — I told her that if she didn’t treat me fairly, I was going to hang up, represent myself before the Board of Assessment Review, and start a company representing others in my situation.  I knew that I wasn’t being singled out for unfair treatment. There had to be others in my situation, who likewise were being given a run around.  She told me to do what I had to do.

God Bless that woman!  For over 27 years I have been helping people lower their assessments and thereby their real estate taxes.  I have represented thousands of clients in Westchester County, and many in Putnam County as well.  My success rate is over 99.6%.